11.4. Installing Maple

Contributed by Aaron Kaplan.
Thanks to Robert Getschmann.

Maple is a commercial mathematics program similar to Mathematica®. This software must be purchased and licensed from Maplesoft. To install the Linux® version of this software on FreeBSD, follow these steps.

  1. Execute the INSTALL shell script from the product distribution. Choose the RedHat option when prompted by the installation program. A typical installation directory might be /usr/local/maple.

  2. Copy the license to /usr/local/maple/license/license.dat.

  3. Install the FLEXlm license manager by running the INSTALL_LIC install shell script that comes with Maple. Specify the primary hostname for the machine for the license server.

  4. Patch /usr/local/maple/bin/maple.system.type with the following:

    ----- snip ------------------ *** maple.system.type.orig Sun Jul 8 16:35:33 2001 --- maple.system.type Sun Jul 8 16:35:51 2001 *************** *** 72,77 **** --- 72,78 ---- # the IBM RS/6000 AIX case MAPLE_BIN="bin.IBM_RISC_UNIX" ;; + "FreeBSD"|\ "Linux") # the Linux/x86 case # We have two Linux implementations, one for Red Hat and ----- snip end of patch -----

    Note that no whitespace should be present after "FreeBSD"|\.

    This patch instructs Maple to recognize FreeBSD as a type of Linux® system. The bin/maple shell script calls the bin/maple.system.type shell script which in turn calls uname -a to find out the operating system name. Depending on the OS name it will find out which binaries to use.

  5. Start the license server.

    The following script, installed as /usr/local/rtc/rc.d/lmgrd is a convenient way to start up lmgrd:

    ----- snip ------------ #! /bin/sh PATH=/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin PATH=${PATH}:/usr/local/maple/bin:/usr/local/maple/FLEXlm/UNIX/LINUX export PATH LICENSE_FILE=/usr/local/maple/license/license.dat LOG=/var/log/lmgrd.log case "$1" in start) lmgrd -c ${LICENSE_FILE} 2>> ${LOG} 1>&2 echo -n " lmgrd" ;; stop) lmgrd -c ${LICENSE_FILE} -x lmdown 2>> ${LOG} 1>&2 ;; *) echo "Usage: `basename $0` {start|stop}" 1>&2 exit 64 ;; esac exit 0 ----- snip ------------
  6. Test that Maple starts:

    % cd /usr/local/maple/bin % ./xmaple

    Once everything is working, consider writing Maplesoft to let them know you would like a native FreeBSD version!

11.4.1. Common Pitfalls

  • lmgrd is known to be picky about the license file and to dump core if there are any problems. A correct license file should look like this:

    # ======================================================= # License File for UNIX Installations ("Pointer File") # ======================================================= SERVER chillig ANY #USE_SERVER VENDOR maplelmg FEATURE Maple maplelmg 2000.0831 permanent 1 XXXXXXXXXXXX \ PLATFORMS=i86_r ISSUER="Waterloo Maple Inc." \ ISSUED=11-may-2000 NOTICE=" Technische Universitat Wien" \ SN=XXXXXXXXX


    In this example, the serial number and key were replaced with X. chillig is the hostname.

    Editing the license file works as long as the FEATURE line is not edited. That line is protected by the license key.

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